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Sustainable Energy For A Sustainable World

Green Energy  Is Necessary For A Sustainable Future

If we’re going to have a sustainable future on this planet we need to think beyond fossil fuels and utilize wind, solar and geothermal energy, not only on a large scale but on a local and individual scale as well.

At Renewable Energy Authority We believe in energy independence, which is why we offer products and information to help you make informed decisions and get on the road to energy independence yourself.

Why should you go green?

There are several reasons, but the most important we believe is for energy independence. An investment in your own energy system will last decades, and you will no longer be dependent on someone else for your energy needs.. plus you won’t have any more monthly bills that can go up out of the blue.

It all begins with SELF SUFFICIENCY

That’s right.. the answer to our dilemma of rising energy costs and dwindling fuel supplies.. and pollution lies in energy self sufficiency.

And not just as a nation.. but as a people. Think about this for a minute: You’re sitting in your living room on a cold winter’s morning listening to the wind howling outside and the snow is flying sideways.. but your home is warm and cozy because you have radiant heating from your solar hot water system. And not only that, but your lights are being powered by your own wind generator and the solar panels sitting up on your roof or out in your yard! And what’s even better is that you know that while the neighbors are going to all be paying $350 or more for their heat this month.. you won’t be paying a penny.  In fact, you’ll be getting a check in the mail from them because you sell your excess power back to the utility company!!

That’s a pretty nice picture isn’t it?

The truth is.. I know people right this minute who are doing exactly that! For example.. a friend of mine who lives in southern Colorado outside of Pagosa Springs is completely off the grid! I’ve been in her home when it was ten below zero outside and walked around barefoot in the house because of the radiant hot water heat system she has. She also has two solar panels installed outdoors with deep cell batteries for storage, and a generator backup just in case there are too many cloudy days. My answer to that one would be a wind generator by the way and not a diesel generator backup system like she has though.

And then there’s the woman in Sedona, Arizona where I lived for many years who is on solar energy but is also tied into the grid and gets checks every month from the utility company! It’s true. A good friend of mine knows her well and when he put new cabinets in her house she showed him the entire system. So take a positive step for yourself and the earth today and join in with the hundreds of thousands who are moving toward energy self sufficiency and using renewable energy.